priming the bump: A 14-Day Fertility Prep Program
Boost your fertility naturally & improve your baby's chances of being born healthy & smart - without spending a fortune on conventional treatments. 

The priming the bump 14-Day Fertility Prep Program nourishes your reproductive system with fertility-enhancing foods while cleansing your body of toxic substances that could prevent you from conceiving (or lead to birth defects & developmental disorders like autism).

Photo by Vjeran Lisjak
the last diet: A 14-Day Clean Eating Program
Stop dieting once and for all with this easy, fat-burning menu plan that gently detoxifies and won't leave you hungry. It's the last 'diet' you'll ever need!

The last diet 14-Day Program teaches you how to prepare healthy food without sacrifice or starvation. It's perfect for everyday maintenance, or a great option before or after a cleanse. 


the new year cleanse: A 10-Day Whole Food Detox Program
Break sugar addiction, detoxify, and eliminate health problems!

This plant-based program includes all the resources you'll need to succeed: daily guidance, recipes, shopping lists, a menu plan and more. In addition to feeling healthier, past cleansers lost an average of 6 pounds and experienced marked improvements to their skin, digestion and energy levels.

DECEMBER 9, 2013
3 Big Mistakes Pregnant Women Make When Trying to Eat Healthy - and What to Do Instead!
In this class, you'll learn about 3 common nutritional mistakes pregnant women make, why they're important to your baby's health, and easy changes you can make to ensure you avoid these pitfalls.
Cambridge Expectant Mamas' Group
The Breathing Room 
763 Massachusetts Ave., Suite 302
Cambridge, MA
Cost: Free


AUGUST 25, 2012
Prenatal Basics
In this class, you will learn how your diet impacts your baby's lifelong health. We'll discuss choices you can make to prevent disease, minimize complications and enhance your baby's well-being. You'll also learn what you can eat to help prevent some common prenatal ailments & concerns. This introductory class is fun, educational and interactive - attendee participation is welcomed!
1367 Valencia St. (at 25th St.)
San Francisco, CA 94110
Cost: Free