My baby has arrived!

No, not a real baby (yet) - my first online self-study program! Yes, it's true: Priming the Bump: A 14-Day Fertility Prep Program is finally here!

This Fertility Prep program helps you boost your fertility naturally & improve your baby's chances of being born healthy & smart - without spending a fortune or risking dangerous side effects. It nourishes your reproductive system with fertility-enhancing foods while cleansing your body of toxic substances that could prevent you from conceiving (or lead to birth defects & developmental disorders like autism).

I'm so excited about this new addition to my services. One of my personal goals is to provide health counseling to everyone who needs it, but not everyone can afford my one-on-one coaching rates. That's why the Prep Program is so awesome - you get all the juicy goodness of working with me 1:1, but at a much lower out-of-pocket cost. And I'm offering it at a special introductory rate for a limited time. There's no better time to join in the fertility-boosting fun!

Here's what people are saying about Priming the Bump's 14-Day Fertility Prep Program:

"This is all excellent material and a well thought-out program."

"I'm really enjoying the daily emails, they're informative, yet simple and concise. Love!"

"There is so much good stuff here! Excellent flow of materials and info."

"This is awesome and so informative!"

Want to learn more? Head on over to the Priming the Bump page to check out all the details. And tell your friends & family, because this introductory rate won't last forever.

Get ready to prime YOUR bump!