Feel Great During Your Pregnancy - and Increase the Odds of a Healthy Baby!

A balanced diet has the power to solve so many health problems. From morning sickness and milk production in mamas to IQ and illness in infants, food impacts how we feel and how our children develop.

While most of my posts for the Can Can Cleanse blog revolve around detox and weight loss (it's a juice fast program, after all), surprisingly, much of the advice is translatable to prenatal nutrition.

These tips I gave to Can Can Cleanse readers last week are one such case. For the most part, they apply to anyone, whether you're trying to boost your fertility, feel great during your pregnancy, breastfeed - or otherwise. Check 'em out!

Tips to keep your healthy 2013 going!
  • Eat Lots of Vegetables. Per the FDA, half of every meal should be vegetables and fruits. Perhaps that translates to a big salad for lunch and a mostly-veggie dinner. At restaurants, order a salad before your meal to commit to eating lots of veggies. A good variety of different kinds of seasonal vegetables will ensure you get a broad spectrum of nutrients...(Read more)